Ava’s Demon

Okay guys, time for another webcomic!


 Set in the future on a school planet run by TITAN, you follow a 15 year old young lady named Ava, who is being taunted constantly by … funnily enough, and you probably guessed it, a demon.  


“Talk to the hand cus the face ain’t listenin'”



It is beautifully stylised and straight away I found myself falling instantly in love with the characters.  Ava in particular is a very emotionally moving character, and hit the feels button shortly after starting this comic.  

“don’t be ‘barking’ orders at me!” okay that was a bad pun even for me :I

 The animation is stunning and the music work for the animated pieces equally so.  One thing that has impressed me so far is the flow of the work and the continuity.  At no point during my read have I had to turn back and go, Oh? when did this happen? Which i’ll have to admit, has happened before with a few series.  Ava’s Demon has a storyline that has kept me gripped and eagerly awaiting each new upload!
This webcomic is set out in a book layout, so that each page is a single panel, making reading this for me a whole lot easier.  Michelle Czajkowski uploads 10 panels every thursday, and has also just had a kickstarter funded for the first book for this series, so please go and check that out HERE!  

You can read the comic at www.avasdemon.com

Kitacon have announced their returning dates for 2014

As some of you may have known, Kitacon took a gap year in 2013 which left us with a burning desire in our hearts and for some, a surplus of income.  

Fear not, for they have announced their dates for 2014!!  Kitacon will be returning on March 28 to 30 2014.  
Keep your eyes peeled for the registration opening on their site http://www.kitacon.org (*which seems to be down at the moment.  I can only hope that means they’re revamping it for registration openings *)



Hi guys,

So i’m really sorry this blog hasn’t been updated as often as would have been liked.

I think the main problem here is that i’m a serial procrastinator.  I’ve procrastinated at procrastinating before and that’s pretty impressive in my books.  However, another facet of this problem is having somewhere to sit and write.  I’m currently shopping for a good desktop computer, in the hope that when I move house I can just use that to type and draw and do my professional stuff on, and use my laptop for pratting about on facebook and tumblr.  

Anyway, that was a little personal post from me. I’m going to be on HIatus for a couple of weeks, as I have lent my laptop to my good friend while I fix hers, and after that I’ll be going to Lancashire to see my best friend for her birthday c:


Jukey xx

Gemucon 2013 The Review


Hello everyone!  

I’m so sorry we’ve been very busy with work and school recently, but we’re back now!

This weekend myself (jukes) and Emma were at Gemucon in Nottingham, UK.  It ran from Friday 5th April – Sunday 7th April and had 718 attendees!  

I was quite lucky that I have a boyfriend who drives, so Jamie and I arrived on Thursday at about 3pm at the Britannia hotel.  For those of you who have been to conventions before or anyone who is planning to hold a convention… don’t hold it here.  
Walking into the lobby I genuinely thought, ‘well this is a little anticlimatic’.  I think the UK con scene have been a little spoiled by Kitacon who hold their fantastic convention in the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham.  In anycase, the hotel was not really suited and booted to a convention hosting almost 1000 people.  
Upon arrival, we checked in and went up to our room in the two small lifts that were situated in the centre of the hotel.  It all felt a little like the shining, and I felt as if soon enough i’d hear the grinding of a tricycle racing around the corner.
(watch out for the splicers!)

The reason i’d originally arranged to arrive the day beforehand is so that I could meet up with people for Preconnaissance def: Meeting up with your con friends and either purchasing and imbibing large quantities of alcohol/caffeine/nicotine (please choose your poison(s) of choice OR finding a decent bar and settling down for drinks and banter.  

This lovely man [please see image below] arranged the official gemu precon drinks event, at the Brass Monkey which unfortunately I had to miss due to feeling rather unwell after the long car ride.  I heard that the bar was a bit dissapointing only in that because the drinks were so alcoholic people had gotten drunk a little too quickly.  
I personally stayed at the bar at the hotel which was occupied by many OAP’s and various levels of cosplay.  


Please note, the above image is the embodiment of bears and coffee

Friday I queued up relatively early, got my con bag and t-shirt and my con badge, and then settled down into what I call the Friday wait.  The Friday wait is when you have very few events happening on the first day of a con, so you sit and socialise and as the phrase indicates you wait for the opening ceremony which in my opinion was a wee bit lacking.  I went in and sat for an hour of essentially just going over the rules and the guests.  
What could have been better?
Video introductions?  I suppose a little intro to the guests in the form of video, any video skits ect (which could have been made beforehand and worked into the opening ceremony) and also a proper introduction to the con’s chairman and committee members.  I know they popped up a few pictures of the committee but I don’t feel they delved in there enough.  
As much as ‘cupcakes’ was funny for a good 10 minutes, it did worry me that people were immature enough to smear their free cake up the bannisters and the wall.  I feel very sorry for any of the gophers having to clean up after them.  
I suppose It really should have been no surprise after hearing this to meet a few unsavoury characters.  Over the weekend I confronted someone singing ‘gas the jews’ and ‘holocaust’ to the pokemon theme tune, a person who made it clear to me that he thought Rape was okay and that women made too much of a massive deal about it, and several folks who seemed to have only attended to try and get laid.  


However, Saturday did change my mind about going home there and then.  
I had a great time visiting the dealers room, trying out the games in the games room and having a good time with my friends.  I think that for a gaming con, they didn’t really have all too many games, and with only three small office rooms with console games, I think that there could have been a lot more? 

The events I think, should have all been on the same floor.  There were two lifts one of which broke down on the first day after people were trapped in it and for the events to be on the top floor of a building (10th) is a bad choice, and I know the committee have taken that into account as they won’t be hosting it at the same hotel next year.

Regardless of these, I did enjoy myself. The parties were fantastic, even if they were slightly less packed than I had expected, but again I think that’s also Kita Privelege.  I think for a first time con, i’ll give it a 7/10.  
There were flaws, but overall it was a good experience and while I did have some negative opinions as observed throughout that piece I didn’t have a bad time.  
Looking forward to seeing what’s done for Gemu 2014!